Britains Toy Company

This page has links to pages copied from various web-sites that have information about the family and company history & are reproduced here in case they should be removed at any time.

The Ertl Company page.

The W. Britain Company page.

The Old Toy Soldier page.

The V & A Museum of Childhood page.

There is also information on the Wikipedia web-site about Britains Toys plus information about the artist Fred Whisstock who was an illustrator for them and designed the labels for the boxes.

The Brighton Toy Museum web site has more information on the actual models and the British Pathe web site has a page with a short video clip from 1965 of models being moulded & assembled.

If you are interested in antique toys, then the Antique Toy World web-site may be of use as it has news of auctions, shows & events.


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