British Gregorian Calendar

Select any month, and enter a four-digit year (0001-9999), or use the Previous and Next Month buttons.

If September 1752 is entered in the calendar above it will show the Julian/Gregorian Calendar change when 11 days where lost to correct Britain's Calendar & be in agreement with Europe's Calendar. Note that years before this change are still displayed with the year starting on January 1st although the start of the Civil or Legal Year would have been March 25th (highlighted in green). Because of this, years before the calendar change of 1752 are sometimes shown as dual years, e.g. a date between January 1st and March 24th may be shown as 1681/82 to show that the year was 1681 counting from March and 1682 counting from January as the start of the year. More details on this calendar change are on the Calendar Notes page.


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