The Family Tree Pages

If you keep one eye on the past then you are blind in one eye, but if you forget the past then you are blind in both eyes. (Russian proverb)

...We're just as much the forest as we are the trees. Every little seed trying to find where the light comes from. (From 'World of Hurt' by Beth Nielson Chapman)

The links to the family group pages that used to be here have been temporarily removed while they are reworked. If you need any further information on family groups then please email me.

The family relationships page hopefully explains the various terms such as second cousin or third cousin twice removed that often crop up in family reports.

Information regarding my 2 x great uncle William Gibbs who emigrated to America in 1866 and his descendants is shown here.

The Timeline page lists a few of the events that happened during the time of our ancestors.

The maps on the surname profiles page show the distribution of the family group surnames for 1881 and 1998 that have been copied from the Surname Profiler Project web-site of the University College of London.

Various pages of the history of the Britains Toy Company, founded by my 3 x great uncle William Britain (#303), are also available.

Copies of various family photo's, articles and then & now photos of Bedford, Kempston & Derby can be seen from links on the photo's page & there are also copies of old maps (in pdf format) that are relevant to some of the individuals in the files.

The Can You Help page is a collection of missing links or photos of unknown people that could relate to the family. If you think you can help identify anyone then please contact me via e-mail

Details on the Julian/Gregorian Calendar change are on the Calendar Notes page which also has links to British & European perpetual calendars to show these changes to the calendar.

The Useful Links page has links to other web sites that may be useful. See also the family tree pages of Ditch Boultbee.

Thanks to Philip & Peggy Gibbs, Shirley Gardiner, Paul Harris, Ditch Boultbee, Gill Wilmot, Barbara Cope, Keith Doust, Brian Perriman, and all family members too numerous to mention for sharing their research & details with me and allowing me to publish it here.


(C) M.T. Gibbs 2018