Edmund Gibbs's Court Appearances

Witness to Alleged Animal Cruelty in 1884

The newspaper cutting above is from The Bucks Herald published on Saturday, December 20th, 1884.
Edmund worked as a signalman for the Great Western Railway from 1879 until 1884 and as a shunter in 1885.

The Motorised Tricycle Incident in 1897

The newspaper cutting above is from The Standard published on Saturday, October 9th, 1897.
Using The National Archives currency converter, the 5 shillings fine would have the same spending worth of £36.56 in 2005 and the 2 shillings costs would be worth about £5.99.
Luckily for me he wasn't deported!
At the time of the offence motorised tricycles were a relatively new invention and as Edmund was an engineer's assistant he was unlikely to have been able to afford one, so I assume he was repairing it or trying to get it to work. The French company De Dion Bouton started selling them in 1897 and it would have been similar to those shown below.

A working example of a De Dion Bouton motorised tricycle can be seen on the Vimeo website.


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